Who knew it could be so hard to adopt a dog?  Granted, I was being picky.  I want this dog to be accepted by my mom who is the most picky person on the planet.  So I had some strict criteria.  It had to be a small breed.  Small dogs go extremely fast.  It had to be “cute and fluffy” which in this case generally meant a breed which had a style of coat that could be groomed into what is known as a puppy-cut.

I’d emailed a few different rescues about dogs I came across on Petfinder.  But each time, someone had gotten to the dog before I had.  I volunteer at the county kennel, and even there, a dog was snatched up before he was even finished being groomed.  (poor baby had to be completely shaved, he was so matted)

In the end, like many things in life, it was  all about who you know.  Mentioned I was looking for a dog to my trainer at the gym.  Then when another member said “know anyone who wants a Yorkie-Poo?” she in fact did know someone!  Unfortunately, the timing was a bit off.  The woman wanted to get rid of the dog quickly since it had inadvertently bitten her 4-yr old (small breed puppies and toddlers DO NOT MIX).  So she had already had someone from a local shelter pick up the dog to foster him.  And even before they got the dog up on the shelter website, there was interest in him!  I was one of a few applicants, so I was worried this would lead to another dead end, but I got an email today that I was chosen to adopt the puppy, and I’ll be bringing him home tomorrow or Friday!

Stay tuned, pictures and video and lots more to follow!