Bentley on the car ride home, pre-grooming

Meet my new dog, Bentley!  Bentley is a 7-month old…. well, I was told he is a Yorkie-Poo, but aside from the  black and tan Yorkie coloring, he doesn’t really look like it.  Quite adorable though!  I picked him up from the animal shelter after work last night.  Turns out I’m already Bentley’s 3rd owner.  And he’s not even a year old!

Originally, I wasn’t planning on keeping his former name.  But the first time I went to see him, I actually saw a Bentley on the road (not a common sight around these parts) so I figured it must be a sign!  Other names I had considered were (Han) Solo (he’s scruffy-looking, after all, but it could sound to much like “No”) and Wicket (which sounds too much like Wicked, and I don’t want to give him any ideas).  And really, Bentley rather suits him somehow.

First thing I did once I’d picked him up was whisk him off to Petsmart to get groomed. Learned quite a bit about my new puppy on this trip.  He loves to jump up on people. (need to work on that)  He has stitches from getting fixed, thus they couldn’t bathe him.  He had some mats in his fur, so they had to shave him down fairly short.  And Bentley is apparently REALLY mouthy.  So much so, that they weren’t able to trim the hair around his face at all because he kept nipping. (REALLY need to work on that)

Once we got home, I promptly took him for a walk, hoping to wear him out a bit before bed.  He’s fairly good on a leash, but he wants to chase deer and bark at other dogs.  Bentley is either starved (not likely) or super food motivated. He goes crazy for treats.  And when I gave him some kibble, he practically inhaled it.

I put him in a crate in my room at night.  He whimpered a bit at first, but settled down fairly quickly and slept through the night. I found him completely sprawled out on his back this morning. He likes taking the blanket that’s inside and trying to “kill” it.  I can see I’m going to be spending a small fortune on treats and toys for this puppy!


Bentley after a trip to the groomer

Bentley’s mostly housebroken.  He had a couple of accidents this morning, however.  I intended to take him straight outside, but due to all the flooding and humidity, the door to the backyard was stuck fast.  I figured I’d feed him a bit first, then take him out, since we were already where his food was.  I ran upstairs for a second to get a scoop for his food, and by the time I’d come back down, he’d peed on the floor.  Bad owner.  We went for a walk and he did his business outside, but when we came back in a bit later, he peed on the floor again.  I caught him halfway in the act, but when I took him back outside to finish up, nada. So I need to work on my timing and schedule with him

To keep him from having accidents while I’m at work, I’ve sequestered him in the laundry room.  There’s a puppy pad in there for him in case he needs it, as well as several chew toys (two of which are treat-filled!)

I just heard that my mom, not able to stand the pitiful cries from the basement, has let Bentley loose in the house for the whole day.  She also completely filled up his water bowl before she left.  I fully expect to come home and find that he’s peed everywhere and completely trashed the place.  Mom is going to need more training than the dog I think. I’ll update this on the state of the house when I get home tonight!





Wow! Turns out Bentley didn’t have ANY accidents and it doesn’t appear that he chewed on anything he wasn’t supposed to!  It’s awesome that he can be trusted around the house like that; I feel better not *having* to lock him up!