Started work on some clicker training with Bentley.  I managed to record the training session, but unfortunately I don’t have the resources to edit the video just yet, so you’ll have to endure it in its raw form!

I’m using kibble at dinner time instead of treats so that he doesn’t get too fat, or get a tummy ache.  For now, I’m just working on charging the clicker so that he responds to it and knows it means some tasty nom-noms are coming.  I’m also training him to respond to me saying “YAY!” in the same way, so if I don’t happen to have a clicker handy, I can still let him know immediately when he’s done something good!

As I mention in the video, Bentley is rather mouthy.  I’m working on this by putting him in time-out when he mouths at my hand.  Time-out involves being locked in the bathroom alone for 5 minutes.  I think he’s starting to catch on that teeth on skin is a no-no.