Ain’t Misbehavin’: Why Good Dogs Do Bad Things and Why You Should Change Your Behavior

This book is written by Dick Wolfsie and Veterinarian Gary R. Sampson.  Mostly it is told from Dr. Sampson’s point of view.

The book deals with a few areas of behavioral problems: Aggression, Anxiety, Housebreaking, Destruction and Other misbehaviors.  Each section has several anecdotes from the author’s clients and the resolutions he suggested for their problems.

An over-arching theme throughout the book is that dogs need lots of exercise, usually far more than they are getting, and that you want to do your best to set up your environment so that you don’t set the dog up for failure.  E.g., If you have a notorious chewer, don’t leave things lying around for him to chew.

I found this to be a very quick read. The different clients’ stories were entertaining to read, and it was fun trying to guess the root of the issue or the resolution before it was revealed by the authors.  This is not, however, a book on training your dog.  While the author recommends giving a dog commands often, this book has no instructions on how to teach your dog any commands. If your dog is having an issue similar to one of the stories in this book, perhaps you will find a new way of dealing with it by reading this book. If not, consult a professional.