I took Bentley to the dog park Monday evening to let him run around; I over-did it at the gym on Friday, so I hadn’t been able to exercise him as much as he needed.  He’s high energy, so he needs quite a bit of exercise!  Bentley’s still a bit unsure at the dog park.  He spends quite a bit of time jumping up on me or other people, or hiding behind/between our legs, or sitting right on top of our feet.  He seems to like the people more than the dogs.  I know it’s just a lack of socialization, and I’m hoping that going to doggy day care will help with that.  He did open up some and found a few dogs he enjoyed playing around with.  He and an Italian Greyhound took turns jumping on each other.

At one point, he started running about, and this absolutely GIANT super fluffy and really super sweet Husky gave chase.  Still being rather intimidated by all the bigger dogs, Bentley quickly took refuge between the legs of a man that had squatted down to put a leash on his own dog.  The opening between man and dog was rather small, so Bentley was quite safe there from the bigger dogs.  It was actually quite hilarious.  I was proud of my little guy for using such a smart strategy!

Bentley’s a big hit at the dog park.  He’s quite adorable, and really friendly with all the people, so they all love him.  I think they also kinda feel sorry for him since he’s smaller and a bit unsure and they’re all “awww, lookit the widdle puppy!” and then tell their bigger dogs “pick on someone your own size!”  Meanwhile, I’m quite ok with Bentley getting “beat up” by the bigger dogs, I know it’s all just play and socialization n such.  It’s good for him to be taught some boundaries by other dogs.