Retractable or flexi-leashes annoy me.  As with most things, there is a time and place when they are quite useful.  Your normal walk with your dog is NOT one of them.  Far too often I see these people with their dogs WAAAAAAAY out in front of them, dragging them along.  And then when another passerby, dog or squireel comes along, they try frantically to reel the dog in.  But the problem is that most of these leashes are basically a thin cord that hurts your hands, so grabbing the leash to pull the dog in doesn’t work.  There’s also the issue of hoping your thumb is quick enough to get the latch in the locked position.  So there’s some 15 feet of cord out there, and it gets all tangled up around people giving them rope burns.  Teach your dog to walk nicely at your side!