Time for another rant!  This time, on the practice of chaining a dog to something. Generally, a horrible, horrible idea.  Just like fences, chaining a dog leads to frustration and aggression.  Even worse, the dog can get the chain all wrapped around objects and soon a 20 ft chain becomes only 2 feet or so of space to move.  Again, a chain has its time and place.  But that time is measured in minutes, not hours.  I sometimes put Bentley out on a chain when I’m vacuuming because he barks at the vacuum and doesn’t let me get my cleaning done.  So I put him out on the chain in the front yard.  I could also crate him.  But this way, he gets a bit of fresh air.  He’s only out there for twenty minutes or so though.  And at the first whine, bark or scratch at the door, he comes right back inside.  I also check up on him every so often to make sure he’s not tangled in the bushes or digging holes in the lawn.  It is almost used more as a reward for the dog than anything else.  “Here, have a bit of freedom outside for awhile!”.  I also tie him out if I’m going to be outside with him doing some yard work or while I put up the outdoor Christmas decorations.  But I *NEVER* leave him out there for extended periods of time unsupervised.