No, It’s Not Okay.

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Bentley on the bed where he's not supposed to be

Bentley on the bed where he's not supposed to be


As evidenced in a few of my videos, while Bentley is very smart to pick up on “tricks”, he’s still got a ways to go in learning good doggy manners.  We’re working on it though!  But one of the things that drives me crazy is when I try to instill in him good behaviors, and other people contradict me.  For example, I’ll be walking him, and we’ll see a person on the sidewalk, and he’ll jump up all excitedly.  I tell him “no” and “off” and try to get him to sit and behave.  But because he’s a smaller dog (and downright adorable if I do say so myself) people are often “oh, it’s okay!”


Um, no, it is NOT okay.  I’m the dog’s owner.  I don’t want the dog exhibiting this behavior, thus this behavior is not okay.  And it’s not okay for you to be undermining all the hard work I’m putting into training him by actively encouraging him to engage in behaviors I clearly am trying to dissuade.


Please, if you see someone trying to get their dog to do/not do something, don’t tell them “oh, it’s okay!” and go ahead and let the dog do whatever.  It’s not your dog, not your choice on what it can or cannot do.  You might think you’re being “nice” but you’re just sending an inconsistent message and confusing the dog, not to mention frustrating the owner.


Ring the Bell

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Continuing the progression of the “Touch” command, I’ve started working with Bentley on ringing a bell to go outside.  It takes him a little while to get the idea that he needs to touch the bell and not my hand though, as I forgot to bring the sticky note target with me.  But once, again, he catches on quickly.  It’s important to have patience when teaching a dog a new trick or command.  They have *NO* idea what you’re saying or what you want, and most of them don’t understand the concept of pointing.  All they know is that you have a treat and you want them to do something to get that treat.  Don’t get frustrated! And be sure to not let the dog get frustrated either!  Work on it for a bit, then take a break and try again later.




High Five

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After working with Bentley on the “Touch” command and being successful with it, I changed the command to “high five”.  He catches on pretty quick!  This was an easy trick for Bentley to learn because he already knew “Give Paw” and was already accustomed to touching with his paw rather than his nose.  Now we just need to work on his accuracy a bit!