The following image came across my feed recently, and it made me see red. I ranted about it on Facebook already, but it was still bothering me so much that I had to come and post here as well.

Emotional Support Animal


There is so much that is wrong with this.

First of all, there is no registration for service dogs. So paying someone so that your pooch can be “certified” is just a scam. The dog doesn’t need to be certified, but, in fact, the HUMAN does. Someone can ask to see a note from your doctor certifying that you do really need the dog.

Secondly, and most importantly, THIS IS JUST WRONG! I have a big issue with this. If you “register” just any old dog that isn’t specifically trained as a support animal, then you give *all* support animals a bad name. *REAL* support animals have to go through EXTENSIVE training, and the people who have these animals NEED them, it’s not just a convenience for them. So if someone gets this scam of a certification to play the system simply because they don’t want to play by the rules, and then their dog messes a place up, then the next person with a REAL support animal comes along, and the landlord will make up some fake reason to not rent to them because of the dog. They won’t say it’s because of the dog, that would be illegal, but there’s plenty of other reasons not to rent to someone. So now this person with a *legitimate* need can’t get things they *need* because people without a need tried to take advantage of the system and ruined it for everybody. If you actually need a therapy/emotional support animal, pay for the MONTHS of training and get a letter from your doctor!