Prairie Dog Antlers – Product Review

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Bentley is a chewer.  He loves nothing more than attacking a toy, obsessively ripping out every last bit of stuffing and destroying the squeaker within.  Behold the remains of a few of his toys.

Behold the destruction

Countless others have already been thrown away.  That orange rope? Used to be a raggedy cat.  That weird white ball?  Used to be a Kong Wubba.  That ball actually became his favorite toy after he’d peeled the “skin” off the toy.  He chews on it like it’s bubblegum and will even toss it around for himself.  Needless to say,  all this destruction is a big mess for me to clean up and costs quite a bit of money.

But at PetSmart the other day, I ran across a new “toy” for Bentley.  It’s a piece of deer antler from Prairie Dog Antlers.  Bentley absolutely loves it.  I don’t think he stopped chewing it for the first two days he had it.  It will get worn down eventually, but it’s already lasted a week and has barely changed shape, whereas most his toys last 20 minutes.  It’s also good for his teeth.  They are expensive (this one cost $19), but for how long it lasts and how much value Bentley is getting out of it, I think it’s well worth the price.  It also doesn’t leave polyester fluff all over the house for me to pick up!

Bentley and his Antler

If you have a dog that is a really big chewer, and none of his toys last, I highly recommend checking out Prairie Dog Antlers!  They have a range of sizes, including moose for the larger breeds.


Tug of War

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I will admit, I don’t have Bentley very well trained yet. I can easily get him to do new tricks, but getting him to change his behaviors is proving far more difficult!  I’m finding it much easier to teach him how to do something than to teach him to NOT do something.  I still haven’t taught him “drop it” or “give it”.  In that vein, I don’t play tug of war with Bentley.  Since I can’t get him to give up his toys and he’s going through a “teenager” phase, I really don’t want to get into a power play with him.  But I know he loves to tug, so I rigged up one of his toys so he gets his tugging in, but I’m not a factor.  Hopefully once I get him listening better, we can actually play together!

Bentley Playing

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I have no actual content at the moment, so here are two horridly shot* videos of Bentley playing with some toys.





*I have a tremor, so all my videos come out shaky.